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The New King of Helms in Diablo 2 – What You Carried out Certainly Not Know a Shako Could Perform

Harlequin Crest is an one-of-a-kind elite controls (Shako) as well as a preferred among diablo 2 itemsĀ  as a result of its own extremely great mods.

The moment you study the mods below, you can easily grasp why gamers consider it a top-quality controls:

The Statistics:

Defense: 98-141

Called for Amount: 62

Demanded Durability: fifty

Resilience: 12

+2 To All Skills

+1 -148 To Life (+1.5 Every Character Amount).

+1 -148 To Mana (+1.5 Every Character Amount).

Damage Lessened By 10%.

Fifty% Much Better Possibility of Obtaining Magic Items.

+2 To All Attributes.

+2 To All Abilities.

Below is one of Buffoon Crest’s several wonderful mods. A +2 to All Abilities is actually an extremely, extremely eye-catching incentive to any Diablo 2 gamer. There are actually simply 2 various other distinct helms that use an all-classes inclusive +2 to All Abilities, Nightwing’s Shroud as well as Andariel’s Face. However, those 2 possess much higher Toughness needs (96 and also 102 respectively), consequently, for personalities that don’t mean to position several aspects in Toughness, the Buffoon Crest is an extra affordable helm, and also many gamers would certainly argue that it is actually a more useful reins than the various other two.

+1 -148 To Life (+1.5 Per Personality Level).

+1 -148 To Mana (+1.5 Per Personality Degree).

A really good, sizeable improvement to Life and Mana, this mod is especially useful for those characters who get a lower amount of Lifestyle per feature point they take into Vitality: the Sorceress, Necromancer as well as Druid, that only acquire 2 Daily life factors per Vigor factors.

Damage Minimized By 10%.

Buffoon Crest is one of the few products in Diablo 2 that offers a % Physical damage protection. The others are Shaftstop, String of Ears, Verdungo’s cord, Creature ofthe night Look as well as Stormshield.

Lots of players try to place on a minimum of one thing that possesses % Bodily damage protection, for the excellent explanation that it reduces the damage gotten from prosperous attacks, as well as hence is conducive to the one of the best crucial objectives for all Diablo 2 players (especially those that play in Hardcore mode): certainly not perishing.

50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items.

Buffoon Crest offers a big improvement of to your Miracle Locate capabilities, and some of the reasons Diablo 2 gamers adore going on MF runs with it.

An MF (Magic Locate) Run in Diablo 2 is actually when gamers outfit their characters with products that possess the mod % A lot better chance of Obtaining Magic Items, where a greater % is a lot better in regards to increasing the possibilities of feeling better product drops coming from distinct beasts, however while still having good enough firepower to obliterate monsters.

There are actually simply 2 various other one-of-a-kind commands that provide you an increase to Magic Locate, and these are actually:.

Tarnhelm, which offers 25% -50% MF.

Stealskull, which provides 30% -50% MF.

As you can notice, you will have to get a best Tarnhelm or Steelskull to receive the fifty% MF that is constantly guaranteed on a Harlequin Peak.


The Buffoon Crest is actually a top-choice safety helmet as a result of its own +2 To All Skills, 10% Harm Protection and 50% MF. The only drawback to the Harlequin Peak is that it is without resistance.